IC Today is your lighthouse on the horizon, because having a chronic (bladder) disease is heavy and can sometimes make you feel hopeless. By sharing tips and experiences you can reduce the burden of disease every day, bit by bit. Therefore, you can share and / or read everything that has do with being chronically ill. This gives you hope. So you can laugh again and feel understood. So you can live again.


Makro belongs to the METRO Cash & Carry Group, which contains of 748 stores in 25 countries and is serving more than 21 million customers locally.</p> <p>METRO Cash & Carry is the leading international player in wholesale trade and is the largest sales line of METRO GROUP: customer-focused, international and innovative. The distinctive business concept is oriented towards helping professional customers to successfully run their own businesses. Celebrating its 50th birthday in 2014, the wholesale company strives to be championing the passion, ambition, creativity and flexibility of independent business.<br />

Manic Organic

ManicOrganic provides sustainable event catering and runs an event agency in The Hague. Sustainable eating and living helps the planet by using our resources with conscience (less waist), makes sure that our environment remains healthy and animals are treated with care and respect.

Tree of Life

Can planting a tree stop ice caps from melting, the sea level from rising and hurricanes from intensifying? Studies show that this is possible! Tropical forests are extremely beneficial to the climate because they take up carbon and increase cloudiness, which in turn helps cool the plane. Therefore Tree of Life was born; an organization that asks you to buy one or more trees, which will be planted in Africa to let the rain forest expand again.
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