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What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal gland insufficiency is also known as adrenal fatigue. What is adrenal fatigue? How to treat adrenal fatigue? What are adrenal fatigue symptoms and is healing adrenal fatigue possible by following an adrenal fatigue diet?

What is adrenal fatigue?

The main body function of your adrenal glands consists of the production and management of stress hormones (including cortisol, aldosterone, testosterone, estrogen and (nor) adrenaline). These hormones regulate your blood sugar, work against diseases and inflammation, keep up a healthy fluid balance, produce male and female hormones and ensure the regulation of stress. Chronic stress disrupts the hormonal system resulting in adrenal fatigue. This is one of the major causes of fatigue where you will feel (constantly) sleepy and tired, having trouble getting up in the morning, craving for coffee (caffeine!) etc.

Adrenal fatigue symptoms

But there are more adrenal fatigue symptoms. You may also recover more slowly after illness and you may also suffer from memory loss, skin conditions, low blood pressure, depression, muscle weakness and low libido. Next to that, you can have an increased appetite for salty foods and carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, biscuits and sweets. The higher your stress level, the sooner you will suffer from adrenal fatigue. Stress can be caused by work or relationship, but also by illness, injuries, and unhealthy diet.

Other causes for fatigue and adrenal gland insufficiency

Sugar is a one of the so-called chronic stress causes. During and after the consumption of sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar, invert sugar syrup, caramel, etc.) there are taking place certain body processes that do not work in your advantage. During the production of sugar important nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C and D and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and chromium are extracted from the product. But these substances are the compounds that your body needs during sugar digestion! So when you eat sugar, you rob your body literally of important vitamins and minerals.

Adrenal hormone imbalance

Now we know that eating sugar puts your body out of balance. To be more precise, sugar causes adrenal hormone imbalance, which can result in type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, infections, dental problems, heart diseases and anemia. In addition, sugar creates an imbalance in the brains of messenger substances (neurotransmitters). This makes you depressive and causes restlessness, but also results in difficulties with staying concentrated and stimulates irritability.

Adrenal fatigue diet

Preventing adrenal gland insufficiency, healing adrenal glands and adrenal fatigue treatment is possible by changing your eating habits. If start you follow a special adrenal fatigue diet, you can heal your body naturally.

First of all, start by eating no refined sugar and sugar containing products (including soft drinks, jams, biscuits and sweets). Please note that almost all processed products, also the savory ones, contain sugar. This includes meats, processed meats, (pasta) sauces, dressings, vegetables in jar or tin, etc. Always read the product label in order to find out whether the product has sugar in it or not. Also avoid products made from white flour or refined other grains (white bread, white pasta, crackers, white rice, couscous, etc.). These products have the same negative effect as sugar.

Adrenal fatigue treatment

The most important things you should remember in your adrenal fatigue treatment is to avoid sugar and sugar-containing products and learning how to cope with stress. These two things are always the first steps toward healing adrenal fatigue. In addition, your body needs extra nutrients. Eat as healthy and pure as possible with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Give your body an instant boost of vitamins and minerals each day to drink a large glass of freshly squeezed vegetable juice or green smoothie. If you need inspiration, just take a look at our healthy recipe site.

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