Pauline de Ruiter

My bladder was painful and I suffered from a lot of pain and discomfort. I wanted to get rid of my bladder pain and also wanted to tackle my fatigue. I wanted to feel fit and healthy again and also loose some weight.

The personal health plan, which I received from Melissa, was very detailed and extremely comprehensive. Personal lifestyle advice, dietary advice, advice about supplements, etc; everything you can think of was addressed in a logical and understandable way. The personal health plan had become a ‘real life style bible’ and I often look up information and recipes if I am out of inspiration or forgot something about the reason why I should / should not eat some specific food items.

Changing your dietary pattern is not easy, but absolutely doable. Only on social occasions it is (sometimes) a bit challenging to implement all guidelines.

From 1 (bad) to 10 (excellent) I would rate Melissa’s skill as follow. Flexibility and empathy: 9. Knowledge, pricing and coaching qualities: 8.

My condition absolutely improved! After 4 weeks I already experienced less bladder pain, less urgency and I also lost some weight. I don’t have and point of improvement for Melissa’s approach as I think that she’s doing very well.