I asked Melissa’s help because of my Hunner and my IC / bladder pain syndrome related symptoms. I had been suffering from IC / bladder pain syndrome since 2003 and in January 2017, after 7 laser sessions, my urologist advised me to remove my bladder. According to him there wouldn’t be anything that could help me out. I also used cortisone / steroids for over 10 years and it was told that without this medication the condition would get even worse! Next to my bladder condition I also suffered from stomach disorders like heartburn. For those symptoms I also took loads of medication.

But then I found Melissa (via Facebook) and suddenly I had faith again. First I visited one of her “IC patient meetings” and later on I started consulting her via Skype and e-mail. I told her that I wanted to get rid of all the medication and that I was hoping that I could work on my stomach disorders and IC related symptoms. My personal goals were: no heartburn anymore, no bladder pain, lower urgency, lower frequency, more energy, better stool and weight loss.

Melissa’s personal health plan was e real eye-opener for me. I learned about the pathology behind my symptoms, learned what food is good and bad for me and found out why you should or should not eat and do things. The recipes in the personal health plan were very tasty and with the variation tips I am able to prepare a lot of different and nice meals, which are not only suitable for me, but also for my family. It does not feel like a diet, but as a healthy lifestyle, which can be achieved by everyone who is motivated and open-minded.

After 4 weeks I am completely off medication, lost some weight (8 kg!!), sleep better and feel that my bladder is less irritated. I have more energy and feel more at ease. Also my stool improved and my heartburn is completely gone. I would definitely recommend Melissa to other patients.