Margriet de Roover

I asked Melissa to help me, because I suffer from interstitial cystitis (IC) (also known as bladder pain syndrome (BPS)). I was also depressed because of the IC related discomfort and pain and hoped that she could help me out.

My personal goals were: less pain and less IC related symptoms. I also wanted to become mentally stronger. Melissa suggested starting with a Personal Health Plan, which consists of a personalized nutritional and lifestyle advice. I found this very interesting, because my doctors (including my urologist) had never talked about nutrition with me.

Melissa’s flexibility, empathy, coaching skills, knowledge and expertise and quality / price ratio of her work are excellent. She is a real A+ professional who exactly knows what she’s doing.
By now, a few months after starting working with Melissa, my symptoms have already decreased significantly. I have learned how I can reduce my physical and mental symptoms and am grateful for this. Melissa is doing a great job and I would definitely recommend her to others. She is a very kind woman with a lot of knowledge.