Karin Slegtenhorst-Vis

I consulted Melissa because of my chronic bladder condition (IC / bladder pain syndrome). I wanted to get rid of my bladder pain, frequency, urgency, vaginal discomforts, fatigue and insomnia (poor sleep) and wanted to understand what caused these symptoms. Melissa created a personal health plan for me, which consisted of a lot of detailed and useful information. All the mentioned tips and advices were very clear and all the information I got was really personalized so that it 100% fit my needs and preferences. Everything she advised me was very easy to realize. It just made sense!
I also received advice with regards to dietary supplements and I was very happy about that as it is very difficult to find trustworthy and effective advice about dietary supplements and Ic / bladder pain syndrome.

From 1 (bad) to 10 (excellent) I would rate Melissa’s skill as follow. Flexibility and empathy: 10. Knowledge and skills: 9. Coaching qualities and prices of her services: 8.

After 5 weeks my bladder felt already more relaxed, I had less bladder discomforts and I sleep better. Also the pressure on my bladder had decreased significantly.

Melissa also revealed the link between my allergies and IC / BPS, which was very interesting to learn for me. I am really enthusiastic about Melissa’s approach and from the first beginning I immediately felt a connection with her and got exited about the way she works. She has a lot of patience and passion for her work. Her empathy gives you faith and the strength to go on. She enables patients to step out of their comfort zone and motivates them to step up and ‘fight’ for themselves instead of being a helpless IC sufferer. Her support and personality can help you on your way to a new life and to believe and trust in you body’s self-healing ability.